Friday, 14 March 2014

Guess what's back!

Hey guess what.. no the WPS isnt starting up as a league again but the womens soccer website is back although the womens pro soccer league ended you can now join the website that has now established itself as a social network news website for soccer fans... Iv not really came across anything quite like it and as good as it before.... I have already joined up. although when you post news it goes into a moderation que first I think this is to protect the site from spam and makes sure only good news gets on the site not what people have had for breakfast.... anyway it brings back memory's the wps I do remember watching the league ontv and it was always my favorite not to keen on the wpsl to amateurish for me and seems to much as though anyone can get in and not just for the very best... I bet even I could get in the team if I went to one of the team try outs...
and it is really such a shame that Im not saying hey guess what the wps is back... but I guess we will have to all make do with the wpsl or the nwsl instead.. gah all these letters can get really confusing at the best of times.
Well if you haven't already been its looking quite promising the site and good place to find out the latest soccer news anyway....

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